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Lorne Kelton, M.Ed. Critical Thinking 

& Behavioral Leadership Expert

For over 25 years, Lorne Kelton, M.Ed., founder of ThinkShift Performance Solutions Inc.,  has been helping organizations develop their Leadership, Critical Thinking, and Employee Engagement skills through a disciplined approach to managerial effectiveness. Lorne’s clients have relied on his knowledge and expertise to help leverage their human capital and support their strategic business objectives.


Known for his no-nonsense approach to improving workplace productivity and inter-personal relationships, Lorne is a master motivator who brings intensity, passion, and humour to all of his training and keynote presentations. 


Lorne is also the author of several books on personal and professional development with an emphasis on the power of critical thinking.  His eclectic background allows him to bring a combination of street smarts and contrarian thinking to his presentations leaving audiences wowed and looking at their personal and professional lives in a new light.  Lorne currently serves as President of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS). For a more detailed biography, please click here or on one of the pdf links to the right.

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