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The 11th "C":   Coach

The "Coach" C is about applying a disciplined multi-step process to coaching your employees. The benefits of coaching are well understood, but the doing part is not as well understood. It tends to be something left to others to do or something deemed a luxury for which there is little or no time to engage in. When you think about, though, one-on-one coaching is one of the best opportunities to address a number of the core engagement questions. We have a simple 7-step process that you can follow that will allow you engage your employees at all levels quickly and effectively by selecting coaching objectives that cut to the heart of engagement. In coaching you’re forced to pay attention, to see how your employee is feeling, to reflect on the business impacts, to look at your assumptions, to apply new meaning to the relationship and to execute an action plan to move it forward. Coaching is an opportunity to fast track your engagement levels without compromising quality.

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