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Keynote Presentations

When you book motivational speaker and thought leader, Lorne Kelton, get ready for an amazing event. You will benefit from a memorable, educational, and higly entertaining experience. Lorne is a master at tailoring every keynote to the client and situation. Lorne holds a Masters degree in Adult Learning and Global Change and delivers practical, cutting-edge insight in a presentation style that is both informative and engaging.


Lorne's most in-demand topics include:

Think Again

How to Succeed by Re-Thinking the Way You Think


Based on his newest book, Think Again, Lorne's presentation:


  • Delves into the relationship between your rational and emotional thought centers and demonstrates how to leverage them for success.

  • Explains the role your neural-network plays in shaping your actions, reactions, and decisions. 

  • Helps participants understand the key differences between default thinking and engaged thinking.

  • Shows the audience that by surfacing their assumptions and biases they can re-program their neural pathways and achieve mind-blowing results.


In this presentation, Lorne weaves the latest thinking in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, and academia into an engaging and highly entertaining presentation. You'll never think the same way again!

Ain't Misbehavin'

Why Behavioral Leadership is the Only Leadership That Matters


Great leaders are made, not born. They study, develop, apply, and refine the core leadership competencies necessary to excel as managers and leaders. At their center, however, they are products of their behaviors. In Ain't Misbehavin' the audience will learn:


  • The 100 behaviors that matter most at work.

  • The 4 core leadership competencies that define excellence in leadership.

  • How to understand and detect the negative behaviors that may be poisoning your work environment and what to do about them.

  • What the underlying psychological triggers are that drive both appropriate and inappropriate behaviors within leaders.


In this program, Lorne marries heartfelt leadership stories with gut-wrenching reality checks in order to provide a roadmap to behavioral leadership mastery. Laying bare 25 years of battle-tested behavioral work across several disparate industries, Lorne will empower you to reflect on, and implement, new behavioral leadership choices.

Let's Get Engaged!

How to Master the Art of Employee Engagement


The Art of Employee Engagement is a research driven presentation that defines employee engagement in practical terms and provides a roadmap that organizational leaders can put to immediate use in their business by:


  • Understanding the Employee-Customer-Profit chain and comprehending why Employee Engagement is a necessity and not a luxury.

  • Analyzing the key business impacts that drive employee engagement.

  • Digging deep into the specific actions and behaviours required to foster and grow a culture of employee engagement.

  • Understanding why you cannot take your employees' level of engagement for granted.


In this program, Lorne takes you on a roller-coaster ride of high drama tinged with humour that draws direct connections between an engaged worksforce and the attainment of successful business outcomes. 

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