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Behavioral Leadership Programs

Great leaders are made, not born. They study, develop, apply, and refine the core leadership competencies necessary to excel as managers and leaders. And, they never stop learning. ThinkShift Behavioral Leadership is an innovative hands-on program that takes you inside the 4 core leadership competencies and explores the specific behaviours that define excellence in managerial leadership. You will develop the skills necessary to apply proven leadership principles that will positively impact your business outcomes.


ThinkShift Behavioral Leadership is built around the following 4 core leadership competencies:


The Thinking module develops these core competencies:


  • Critical & Creative thinking

  • Decision-making and judgment

  • Analyzing problems

  • Encouraging ideas

  • Seeking information

  • Developing options

  • Spotting causes and effects


The Developing module develops these core competencies:


  • Developing one's self

  • Developing others

  • Listening to others

  • Coaching

  • Facilitating groups

  • Developing thought leaders

  • Building teams


The Inspiring module develops these core competencies:


  • Personal impact

  • Communicating effectively

  • Influencing others

  • Generating passion

  • Instilling belief

  • Setting the example


The Achieving module develops these core competencies:


  • Customer orientation

  • Getting results and driving action

  • Striving for improvement

  • Measuring progress

  • Delivering on promises

  • Driving for results

The 100 Behaviors

Within each of the 4 core competencies there are 25 specific behaviors that are evaluated to determine levels of proficicency. Participants have an opportunity to discuss, debate, and demonstrate the behaviors so that they can ultimately decide which area(s) they most want to develop within their organizations. Examples are drawn from both inside and outside the business in order to provide a wide range of real-world scenarios. This approach ensures that the learning remains practical and not theoretical. If it can't be applied "back on the job" then there's no point in doing it.


In addition, the worskop looks at the "opposite behaviors", those that have a detrimental impact on the business and on the people who work there. By fully understanding the ramifications of inappropriate or dysfunctional behaviors they can be identified and addressed in a more timely fashion.

Who should attend the workshop?

The Behavioral Leadership workshops have been designed specifically for:


  • Supervisors

  • Managers

  • Senior Executives

  • Emerging Leaders


Anyone who manages people or resources will benefit from the workshops and see marked improvements in the quality of their decision making, professional relationships, and personal performance.

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