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Speaking of Time


Time is our most precious resource. It is non-renewable and once spent, cannot be recaptured. So, why don't we allocate our time to those tasks and events that are the most meaningful? In this insightful keynote, Lorne compels us to invest our time with care and discipline so that we can lead and live a richer and fuller life.

Speaking of Words


Words are the most powerful force in the universe. Why, then, do we so often use them with a blatant disregards for their impact on others? In this provocotive and humorous keynote, Lorne encourages us to use words cautiously yet deliberately to enhance the human experience.

Speaking of Expertise

Your Expertise is your only true competitive advantage. You need to foster your own expertise and embark on a path of life-long learning if you want to stay relevant in today's marketplace. In this high energy and informative keynote, Lorne reveals 11 key steps to enhancing your expertise and honing your craft.

Global Speakers Summit 2013


While the world's recent revolutions and upheavals may not have reached Canadian shores; you should. From December 8-10, 2013 the Global Speakers Summit in Vancouver will present some of the world's greatest professional speakers addressing the most pressing questions facing our world today. Make it your choice to be there...and make history!

More Videos On The Way Soon!

More Videos On The Way Soon!​


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