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Critical Thinking Programs

The ThinkShift Critical Thinking development workshops are based on the formulas described in the books: IFRAME: A Manager's Guide to Critically Balanced Thinking and Think Again by Lorne Kelton and Shawn Ireland.  The workshops are no ordinary management training programs. They are an innovative hands-on experience that use action learning to understand the key building blocks of critical thinking.  It’s a process that allows you to tap into your rational and emotional thought centers to produce high quality managerial decisions and forge lasting business and personal relationships.


Time-strapped professionals will appreciate the no-nonsense approach to exploring how each step of the IFRAME contributes to enhanced managerial effectiveness.


The workshop untangles the perceived complexity of critical thinking and provides leaders and other professionals with a simple yet powerful formula to address the many challenges inherent in their demanding work environments. Most importantly, it delivers the key to unlock that part of your thinking that drives better decision-making.


The table below provides an overview of the 6 steps involved in developing and honing your critical thinking mindset:


So, what is Critical Thinking all about?


  • It’s about probing the contradictions and inconsistencies that shape your views and actions.

  • It’s about analyzing your assumptions and the impact they have on the people you interact with.

  • It’s about making different choices and decisions when faced with new environments, situations, and relationships and then evaluating the results.

  • It’s about the best way to objectively assess new information.

  • It’s about an efficient approach to dealing with personal and professional problems, questions, and issues.

  • It’s about developing a key management and leadership skill.

  • It’s about understanding the role emotions play in your thinking process.

  • It’s about subjecting your beliefs to rational scrutiny.

What Will I Learn?


After completing the IFRAME Workshop you will learn:


  • How to identify the incidents and events that trigger critical thinking.

  • How to interpret your feelings and reactions to these incidents.

  • How to get to the bottom of where your reactions are coming from.

  • How to surface the assumptions that impact your decision making.

  • How to apply new meaning to incidents in your work and home  environments.

  • How to use collaborative inquiry to foster critical thinking.

  • How to use your communication style to support effective critical thinking.

  • How language and linguistics play a key role in critical thinking.

  • How to construct your own critical thinking action plan.

What Are the Take-Aways?


Each participant will receive a comprehensive learning guide containing all of the key learning materials and exercises. A copy of the book IFRAME: A Manager’s Guide to Critically Balanced Thinking is also included with your registration.


For participants wanting to take their Critical Thinking development to the next level, individual coaching sessions can be scheduled to address your specific needs. Coaching sessions can be done face-to-face, through email exchanges, or via telephone, whichever you prefer.  Just ask us and we’ll be pleased to provide more details.

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