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Professional Training & Development Workshops

ThinkShift Performance Solutions offers 3 inter-connected professional development programs. Each program can be customized to meet your specific business objectives.  Click on a topic below to learn more.

The Critical Thinking workshops are no ordinary management training programs. They are innovative hands-on experiences that use action learning to understand the key building blocks of critical thinking.  They follow a process that allows you to tap into your rational and emotional thought centers to produce high quality managerial decisions and forge lasting business and personal relationships. Time-strapped professionals will appreciate the no-nonsense approach to exploring how each step contributes to enhanced managerial effectiveness.


Great leaders are made, not born. They study, develop, apply, and refine the core leadership competencies necessary to excel as managers and leaders. And, they never stop learning. The ThinkShift Behavioral Leadership Workshop is an innovative hands-on program that takes you inside the 4 core leadership competencies and explores the specific behaviours that define excellence in managerial leadership. You’ll work with other professionals to understand and apply proven leadership principles that will positively impact your business outcomes.


The Art of Employee Engagement is a research driven workshop that defines employee engagement in practical terms and provides a roadmap that you can put to immediate use in your organization.  First, we’ll look at the Employee-Customer-Profit chain to understand why Employee Engagement is a necessity and not a luxury. Next, we’ll look at the key business impacts that drive employee engagement. Finally, we’ll dig deep into the specific actions and behaviours required to grow a culture of employee engagement.

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